Thursday, January 29

Coco, Bubu and Blackie

Those are our dearie little bunnies. (This is actually our third attempt after failing to keep Dudu and Dada the gold fish and Dudu and Dada the tortoises alive). My hubby bought them during the school holidays last year. Anfaal and Hanan helped in choosing the colours. Not yet to be called adult rabbits because they are only two and a half months old. Rabbits are matured and ready to mate after three months of their life. Coco is the male cum 'head' of the family while Blackie and Bubu are the female bunnies. Never care to get to know about rabbits and their world before, only now I know that male rabbits are called bucks, females are does and the young are called kittens. Usually the doe is pregnant for 30 days and up to 12 babies can grow in the mother's body. At first Coco, Bubu and Blackie only eat pellets but became very fond of carrots after being introduced to veggies. No wonder Bugs Bunny is associated with carrots. But above all, they really, really love alfalfa and would become like crazy just from the smells of the grass. It feels great and calming when seeing the rabbits nibbling their food. Maybe it is true that keeping pets is one of mind therapies.

"God loves kindness when you deal with any matter" (narrated by Bukhari and Muslim)

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