Friday, August 7

Anfaal and Hanan's Choice

Good enough to whet the appetite..this was Anfaal and Hanan's chocolaty birthday cake. It was a black forest cake behind the chocolate wall actually. 3rd August was Hanan's birthday and followed by Anfaal's the next day. Hanan might be born on the same date as her sister if not for the complication I had. Many asked were we planning for it. Haha..I just answered; nope, not at all. It was His plan for us. Happy belated birthday to both of you dear..may Allah bless you two with lots of happiness and grant all your wishes throughout your lives and the hereafter. Mama and baba will always pray that both of you will grow up being His loyal and faithful khalifah.

Anfaal and Hanan two years ago.

Anfaal and Hanan at 4 and 2 years old.

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